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Así recordaron a Cameron Boyce en 'Descendientes 3'

Con un mensaje muy especial en la última producción que hizo para Disney recuerdan al fallecido actor.

El actor falleció el 6 de julio. | Instagram @TheCameronBoyce

ESPECIAL.- El día del estreno de Descendientes 3, el elenco de la película rindió un homenaje al fallecido actor Cameron Boyce.

Uno de los momentos en memoria del actor consistió en un montaje de los videos de la filmación de la pelícla.

Asimismo, al final de la cinta aparece una fotografía de Cameron.

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i think that’s all the behind the scenes content i have. i wanted to post all of it, because i need to give it all away, i can’t hold it anymore. these past 6 years have been filled with more growth, more deep, true love and more vibrant LIFE, than most people experience in a lifetime and for that, i am forever grateful and forever indebted. i am humbled by the relationships i have made, the family i have found. i never thought i would ever feel truly SEEN for the human alien (that i think all artists feel they are) that i am until i found these people, my tribe. to @kennyortegablog : you are my guiding light, my mentor, my idol, my friend. thank you for shaping me into the performer that i am, you will always have your mark on me. to the fans: you are incredible, your dedication is unfathomable. i cannot believe how loved and cared for you have made us all feel, and all of this is thanks to YOU and your support. we owe it all to you. to our entire cast family , thank you for making me what i am. i truly believe i will never know better people, and i could never put my gratitude into words. to @sofiacarson , and cameron. words fail me. my heart is heavy with pain, and aching, agonizing love. my siblings. 6 years with the best. how did i get so lucky? goodbye, descendants. i will be forever grateful for this world, this momentary allowance into what felt like a double life. this world that was only ours, that we got to literally BUILD UP around us, that kept us safe, that let us escape to a place where everything made sense and everyone had love and a place they belonged, in our most formative and sensitive years. i needed you at 17, when i was lost and looking, and now i leave you stronger, deeply rooted and decidedly wild, if not a little heartbroken. although, i never truly leave you.

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"Para Cameron, quien hizo que todo momento contara", reza el mensaje.

Luego de esto, las reacciones de los fans no se hicieron esperar, pues esto provocó gran nostalgia por el fallecimiento del también cantante.